Title itself defines, application which work on different platforms.

Cross-platform application development in other words Hybrid Application Development, is the process to develop an application which works on different platforms eg. IOS, Android, Windows, etc.

Now-a-days, minimum 80% people uses mobile from all over the world. And mobiles are build on different platforms, eg. IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, so on. So to create an hybrid app is the best solutions for companies to save money and easy to maintain. Even with a basic knowledge of HTML and coding people can create Hybrid Applications. Below are few Examples of it.

  • PhoneGap Development
    • an open-source technology
    • HTML and Javascript based
    • Time Effective in development
    • All type of applications can be created
    • Millions of help available on web
  • Ionic Development
    • with Platform Independent Framework
    • Common HTML/CSS for different platforms
    • Great support with Angular JS
    • Feasible Cross Mobile Application Development
    • Lots of themes and UI Components available
    • Easy to understand coding structure